Nothing Is An Obstacle Unless You Say It Is


“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat”- Napoleon

Yesterday we decided to take a quick trip to the river. As I put my prosthetic breasts in my bikini top I felt a little sad. When I looked in the mirror I compared my body to the way it was before cancer, before all the surgeries I felt a little sad. I wished I didn’t have dents in my chest where my breasts once were, I wished I still had my six pack abs, and muscular legs. My husband told me I was being silly and I looked better now. I still felt bad but I decided to let it go and enjoy the day.

After a nice drive we made it to the Lake Mead National park and after a long bumpy and a bit scary drive 19 miles off of the main road we got to our own beautiful private beach along the Mojave River. The boys and I got out of the car and my husband went to park our Ford Expedition when he got stuck in the sand. We tried to dig ourselves out many times but we just kept sinking deeper and deeper in the sand. We were  “epically stuck” (a quote that came later from our lovely park ranger).  With no cell phone service, no WIFI, and not another soul in sight; and oh yeah, did I mention that it was 110 degrees? We had no choice but to send my husband off for a long hot walk to get cell phone service. Did we panic? Did we cry? No, we decided to have fun, while Daddy took a long walk.

The boys jumped in the water, found sticks and made up fun games. They decided if we ran out of food we could catch fish since we had all our fishing gear in the car. They even built their first sand castle and when Daddy came back with the nicest Park Ranger I ever met (who bought us a case of water and helped 113765848us get a tow truck) he went on a nice long walk with our oldest son. I guess we were just supposed to take a longer break than we planned. What really amazed me was that when we left I was wasting so much negative energy worrying about the state of my body but when we got stranded in the middle of nowhere the boys had such a positive attitude about it. They just looked at it as an adventure and they knew everything would be all right. I spent the whole day in my bikini and did not think one more time about how I looked, we just had fun.

It’s days like this that put everything into perspective. Sure we are out $300 we had to give the tow truck driver to pull us out but money comes and goes. The important thing is an obstacle was thrown in our way and we could have spent the day being miserable but instead we looked at is an opportunity to send some quality family time. Some kids would have lost their mind without cell phones or WIFI but my boys used their imaginations and embraced the day. They saw it as an opportunity not an obstacle. I could learn a few things from them.