Breast Cancer Awareness?

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month I feel the need to voice my opinion on the “awareness month” issue. As a breast cancer survivor every day is breast cancer awareness day for me. Every time I look in the mirror and realize I have no breasts anymore (yes sometimes I forget) I am very much aware that breast cancer sucks. Every time another friend is diagnosed or god forbid dies I am very much aware that breast cancer sucks! While I appreciate you all trying to raise awareness by posting what color bra you are wearing I don’t really get how that is helping those affected by Breast Cancer.

I am not saying any of this out of any resentment or bitterness, I appreciate great organizations that have helped me like Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Keep A Breast, and Linda McCrary Buckley at the Breast Center at Sunrise Hospital. If a month can truly help raise money for those great organizations to help more women like me I am happy but I personally do not see the point of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If it was used to raise money where it is really needed like to help women who have no health insurance or to help people like the woman I met online who’s health insurance covered the removal  of her breast but would not cover a prosthetic breast to put in its place; or the American Cancer Society who never had any volunteers available to drive me to my doctor appointments, a service that they offer for breast cancer patients, or setting up more support groups because nothing helps us heal faster than the support from others who are going through the same struggles.922918_404515149655630_451695216_n

I am all for making the world aware that breast cancer is becoming an epidemic in America and something needs to be done about it but what I am wondering is putting a pink ribbon on a product benefiting people with breast cancer or is it benefiting the corporations who are using it? Who wins here the patients or the corporations?  We all are very aware that putting on a pink ribbon on a product will increase sales but do we know how much of the proceeds are actually going to breast cancer research? The other hypocrisy is pink washing products that contain carcinogens or promote unhealthy habits. I feel like any month dedicated to a race, a gender, or an illness,  I question the motives.  What do you think?