How Do I Delete All My Tweets?


I know we have all done it whether it was in a fit of anger, a drunk tweet, or just a moment of bad judgement we have all posted a tweet that we wish we never had. Or maybe you wish you could delete all of your past tweets and start fresh with a clean slate. Well, finally there is a solution for you. Twitter now has many services that will erase your entire Twitter history for the entire time you have been a member! You can even pick and choose what you want to delete in one click rather than spending days doing it manually.


With Tweet Delete you will be able to take care of what could be a painstakingly long task quickly, and it even gives the option to schedule regular tweet cleans, auto-erasing anything older than a year, a week, or  another time frame you choose. You just have to go to the free service’s webpage, sign into your Twitter account, and then select what option works best for you, just remember that Twitter only lets you delete 3,200 at once so you may have to do it in steps but it sure beats doing them one by one.

Now you can start fresh with no regrets, no shame.

You can find similar Twitter-cleaning services like Tweet Deleter, TwitWipe, and Delete All My Tweets. There are apps you can use too like, Tweeticide (iPhone) and DLTTR (Android) will help you clean your account clean from your phone, as long as your account contains fewer than 3,200 tweets.

If you really want a new start you can delete your Twitter account altogether and reinvent yourself with a new handle but by getting rid of your account you will also be getting rid of all those followers you spent so much time gaining.

After you have deleted all those embarrassing tweets maybe you should take a moment before you post your next tweet but if you mess up again you can always sweep it under the rug forever.