Eleanor Anukam Affordable Luxury Women’s Shoe Brand for Larger Sized Feet

Eleanor Anukam

Women with larger feet no longer feel defeated by their shoe size. Says Eleanor Anukam

Born out of necessity, developed with passion
After years of searching for luxury footwear with no success; Eleanor Anukam, a size 12 herself, embarked on a journey to create an eponymous line of luxury women’s footwear to service this under-served population of women with shoe sizes over 10.

Elenaor Anukam HeelsEleanor Anukam knows all too well the heartbreak of watching her friends strut in fashionable shoes while her size 11 feet regulated her to “serviceable”, unflattering footwear. Fed up with the lack of stylish shoes for women with feet sized 9-13, she started her own brand.

“Every women deserves a luxury footwear experience no matter her shoe size,” says Elenaor Anukam’s Marketing Director, Sharon Hughes.

The media has poked a lot of fun at ladies’ seemingly universal love for beautiful shoes, but what is not explained is how a great shoe makes a woman feel. A shoe that is comfortable yet fashionable is like having that perfect hair day or that power outfit that makes you stand a little taller and project more confidence. For those that couldn’t find shoes that gave them this feeling just because their feet were larger or longer than average, the wait is finally over.

“I’m designing for a fashion forward lady with broadened global influences with a thirst to disrupt fashion.” Eleanor Anukam states. I envision a style that is sexy, modern, and feminine.

Supported by the finest manufacturing resources in Brazil, Eleanor sources the most exquisite leathers and hardware handcrafted by master cobblers. (http://www.eleanoranukam.com)

Eleanor Anukam Craftsmanship
Masterfully constructed footwear is our number one priority. Every great shoe starts with supple leather we source from the finest tanneries.

Eleanor Anukam Philosophy
Combining the finest materials, handmade craftsmanship with the latest footwear technologies achieve the perfect fit, comfort and form for the Eleanor Anukam customer. Every pair of our footwear is artfully adorned with our signature stitched leather outer-soles which puts a flawless end to the shoe making process.

Eleanor Anukam Designs
As Eleanor moves luxury footwear forward, Eleanor Anukam Collection is about challenging boundaries with a modern and effortless flair.

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