Just hanging in the club wearing pajamas

Just happy to have the opportunity to be on photoshoot wearing pajamas.


Now your task is to try and figure which girl is what… LOL

Name: Malia
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Ethnic Background: Laotian
Measurements: 32B-23-31
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Almond Brown
Occupation: Starving Artist
New Year’s Resolution: “New Year’s resolutions are silly, because if you want to make a resolution, there’s no sense in waiting until New Year’s to make it.”
Satisfyingly Single: “My focus right now does not include dating or men at all…I don’t date women either.”

Name: Leigh
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Ethnic Background: Italian and Jewish
Measurements: 36C-26-29
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blond and Black
Occupation: Door girl at Night Club
Fashion Fetish: Louis Vuitton—“I have every item they make!
Wishes for the New Year: Finishing the school semester, using her gym membership (“I’ve had it for a year and I’ve gone just once—and I just faked it.”), and making peace with her family
Worst Date Ever: “He took me out to a restaurant outside town. We had a fight, so I had to pay the whole bill and call my sister for a ride home.”
Favorite Drink: Apple Martinis.

Name: Natalie
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Ethic Background: Italian
Measurements: 36C-25-35 1/2
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown and Black
Occupation: Entertainer
Spends Money On: “Anything that sparkles.”
Favorite Movie: “I like stuff that can make me pee my pants.”
Turn-Ons: “The [Caribbean] islands make me horny.”
Wants to Give Up: Smoking
Dating-Related Injury: “I fell down the steps.”
Favorite Drink: Alabama Slammer

Photos and story Originally appeared in LDMagazine.
Photography by Latore Niskey


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