Kim is Fit, Foxy, and Furious

I like bodybuilders. I need someone who can keep up with me.


“I love wearing little boy shorts and tanks,” says the (self-dubbed) alluring Kim.

Too bad her day job has ruined it for the rest of us. See, Kim works at Hooters. According to her, that uniform that the rest of us adore unfortunately “gets old” after a while. “I can’t wear any of my cute clothes,” she guffaws.

In fact, this 20 year-old spends much of her time in shorts and tanks—if not at work, then working out. She trains at least four days a week, and hopes to become a fitness model. While she’s only been modeling for a little more than a year, Kim has already done a dating service commercial as well as some swimsuit runway work.

Kim also dreams of someday running her own modeling agency. She’s creative, and on top of the business in every way. Her website,, has already been an incredible asset in helping her promote her image.

“Right now I’m trying my best to further my career,” says Kim, “and Latore Niskey Photography is good exposure.”

That’s not to say this Drexel Hill native doesn’t like to cut loose. She loves having fun in Philly—and has the same gripes we all do.

“Parking is the main problem with Philly,” says Kim. In fact, most of Kim’s anxiety in life comes from the road.
“I get a bit of road rage,” she says. “I drive a Celica, and it goes pretty fast. It’s a pain when people in front of you are driving too slow.”

Not surprisingly, Kim is into fitness freaks.

“I like bodybuilders,” she says. “I need someone who can keep up with me. Also,” she adds, “my boyfriend has to treat me like a queen, or else he’ll be gone.”

So listen up, fellas—anyone in this kind of shape has to mean business.

Photos and story Originally appeared in LDMagazine.
Photography by Latore Niskey


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