Aquarius Liz Knows Best at Least better than You

Born, raised and currently living in Bensalem, PA


You look way too young to be hanging out with someone like me, let alone dancing. How old are you?
I was born January 21, 1983, and have never been one to shy away from presents (Hint, hint).

So that makes you an Aquarius?
Yeah. I kinda believe that stuff about the zodiac. In my case, it means I’m outgoing but stubborn, which you could say is somewhat accurate.

Your entertainer name was is Dream. Was that your idea, or some kind of theme the club enforces?
No, it was the first name my friends and I came up with, and I decided to stick with it. I think it’s a little more outgoing than “Liz.”

What do you for fun?
Go out with my friends for a good time—hopefully, drama-free. Girls can be catty, guys can be corny. You know how it is.

I love going up to New York. Sometimes my friends and I will hop into a limo and go there for the night. The DJs there mix it up a little more than those in Philly.

When I’m at home, I’m usually fooling around with my Yorkie, Champ. My ex bought him for me, and, well…let’s say that Champ is still here and what’s-his-name isn’t.

So you’re single? What are you doing after this interview?
Uh, yes, and I have to be going somewhere…somewhere different from where you’re going.

Ouch! Sounds like you’ve gotten that offer before.
You could say a lot of people I’ve met at the club have volunteered to become my next boyfriend. I’ve learned to ignore them pretty easily.

What do you look for in a guy?
Honesty. If you’re gonna hook up with someone else, fine. Just call me, let me know, and break up with me ahead of time. He has to be on his feet and be able to support me as well as himself. Also, I love surprises. Little things matter. It’s not fancy dinners; it can be a card, or a phone call.

So what does the future have in store for Liz—er, Dream?
I’m thinking about going to fashion school. I already design my own clothes. I can take a plain pair of jeans and turn ‘em into anything.

Like a fully-functional submarine?
More like a shirt or a jacket. But in the meantime, I’m going to keep working, saving up for a new car. I’ve got my eye on the Acura RSX. It’s gonna be white with a hot-pink roof.

We’ll keep an eye out for you. I don’t see how we could miss you cruising around in that.

Photos and story Originally appeared in LDMagazine.
Photography by Latore Niskey


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