Monique: Tanned, Rested, and Ready

Between shoots, we ask Monique about cheese fries, her philosophy of life, and her tan.


What do you like in a guy? Well, I shouldn’t assume you like guys. Do you like men?
(laughs) I do like men. I like the way they smell. I like the way they feel. I just like the generalization of men, the male anatomy, the body, everything about men—I love it.

So what’s your favorite part?
I like the way the abs and hips meet; the little curvature. I like that very much when it’s very defined.

Lemme just pull my shirt down a bit more…there. Whew. You say Latore Niskey has the honor of shooting your very first magazine pictorial?
Yes you do! I did a photo shoot prior to [this one], but it wasn’t for a magazine. I’m on one website. Also, my friend who’s an artist is doing a whole bunch of paintings of me. He’s got a show coming up in February of March…but yeah, I can’t wait to see how the pictures and paintings turn out.

We’ll just call you Monique Lisa then. Ever thought about doing movies?
Yes, I have. I get a little nervous in front of the camera, but if I could break that habit, I would definitely do it.

What’s to be nervous about? You look awesome. Say, do you work out?
Absolutely not. Not at all. I do have a gym membership, but I don’t go, strange to say.

Well me neither! Although, that’s not so strange to say… So, uh, what’s your favorite food?
Pizza and cheese fries.

Mine too! This is getting creepy. What’s your favorite drink?
Pink lemonade.

Mine too! This is unbeliev—wait, no it’s not. What’s in a pink lemonade?
Triple sec, vodka, sour mix, lemons, sugar, and a splash of grenadine.

Honey, the only part of that I understood was “vodka.” What’s your favorite brand?
Grey Goose.

Great choice. I usually have half a bottle before every interview. So what’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
I worked at Pizza Hut as a waitress. It was not fun.

Even with the pizza and cheese fries?
(laughs) Yeah. It was a rough job. You had to do everything yourself—bus your own tables, do your own silverware, feed the people—you had to do everything. Everything was on you.

Sounds a lot like this magazine. Well, when you’re not working, what do you do for fun?
Actually, I was in Jamaica just a few days ago.

Wow. Do you get out of the country that often?
No, not at all. That was actually the first trip ever. I’ll be 23 tomorrow and it was my first trip.

Well, you look pretty tan.
I am. Jamaica was really great. It was awesome. It was very relaxing there. I just lay on the beach and watched the ocean.

Sounds like a good time. Is that your philosophy of life: “Lay on the beach and watch the ocean”?
My philosophy of life is: “Just relax, try to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest.”

Do you enjoy life to the fullest?
I try to. I try very much to. There’s a lot of stress, but when the good times come, they are very good!

Photos and story Originally appeared in LDMagazine.
Photography by Latore Niskey


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