Northeast Philly Delilah

If you have the bling-bling, fine, you just don’t need to show it.

Where are you from?
Northeast Philly.

What are you doing these days?
Dancing; boxing at Joe Boxer, on Howard and Girard. I just go like once a week, so no, I haven’t gotten beaten up yet. They’re just training me right now. After that, I’m gonna start boxing guys.

Just guys, huh?
Why would I fight girls? They’re my friends, guys aren’t. The gym guy doesn’t let us wear those little boxing shirts though. If we do, they’re bound to lose their focus. We have to wear sweats and wifebeaters, that’s about as sexy as we can get.

What other sports do you like?
I like to watch b-ball and football. My favorite teams are the Sixers and Flyers. I especially like the Flyers. They’re very nice to us—they’re good tippers.

What do you go to school for?
Criminal justice. I’m going to be a detective. I won’t need back-up.

Well that kills my next question. What’s your favorite gun?
I like the .22. It’s like a bb gun, but the thing is that it shoots anywhere. I also like the nine, because I’ll need it when I’m a cop. It’s more manly. The .22 is like a girl gun.

Good to know. So where are you planning on enforcing the law. I, uh, wouldn’t want to be arrested on your watch.
First I’ll probably be a cop in Philly, and then hopefully New York. It’s boring here. You never see people rob Philly banks. We don’t got no SWAT team here. You don’t see cops here jumping off buildings.

You wanna jump off buildings?

How old are you?
I’m not telling

Any boys in your life? What does it take for a guy to date you?
I have friends, no boyfriend. He’s gotta be nice; funny. I hate serious people. And he can’t be flashing his money. When they got the Gucci belt off the corner and they’re trying to tell me they bought it for $300, I hate that. If you have the bling-bling, fine, you just don’t need to show it.

What kind of guys do you like?
I like all flavors. I’ve dated whites, Puerto Ricans, blacks.

What kind of cars do you like?
BMW X5. I like all kinds of cars. It could be a crappy Honda as long as it’s hooked up and nice.

Where can you be found at on weekends?
Usually at Cheerleaders. I go to school during the week, so that’s how I make my dough. Sometimes, I’ll go out with friends, but I’m not really into the clubs. At bars, you can sit AND dance.

What do you listen to?
Rap in my car, but I like R&B to dance to. It’s much sexier. I love MC’s, love free-styling.

Favorite professor?
William A. Love. Billy Love. He’s teaching criminal law and investigation.

Photos and story Originally appeared in LDMagazine.

Photography by Latore Niskey

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