Roxy’s A True Philly Girl

I like Victoria’s Secret. That’s usually what I go and buy. I like lace, or maybe a top corset and a little thong, that sort of thing.


Originally from Pittsburgh, Roxy’s a Philly girl now—and thank God for her change in location. You might see her at a few local hot spots, but not on a nude beach—unless you’re willing to take a 17-hour plane flight.

Wherever you happen to catch up with her next, you won’t forget having seen seeing her here first. I could hardly get through the interview because she was wearing a corset and a g-string. The sacrifices I make for this job, I tell you…

So, Roxy…you like guys, girls, or what?
I really like guys. I’m strictly dickly.

That’s good to know. What do you like best about guys?
I like their senses of humor, their smartness; you know, intelligence.

They say magazine writers are pretty smart, you know. What DON’T you like about guys?
Their egos. They suck. When a guy thinks he’s all tough or big and bad, he thinks he doesn’t have to call you back. That’s so dumb. That’s so high school.

Sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences.
When I was growing up my parents were really strict. I wasn’t allowed to date or even have a boyfriend until I was eighteen.

Wow, you must have been clawing at the front door. What was your first date like?
I met my first boyfriend in church. The most we ever did was hold hands. We snuck a kiss every now and then.

Aww, that’s sweet. So when did you lose your virginity? I mean, you uh, have lost your virginity, haven’t you?
Er, yes, umm…I plead the fifth on that

Come on, gimme something to work with here! Panties or no panties?
I like Victoria’s Secret. That’s usually what I go and buy. I like lace, or maybe a top corset and a little thong, that sort of thing. I like pink and white and yellow.

There we go! And if some smart guy—a writer, perhaps—wants to get into those Vickies, what kind of a drink should he send you?
Jack Daniels is my favorite. Jack and Coke—whew! Takes me straight to heaven.

Amen. So, I’m trying to set the mood with you. You’ve got your Jack and Coke. What kind of music should I put on?
I like R. Kelly and I love—oh, I can’t say that.
Oh, you can tell me.
No, (whispers) Michael Jackson. I like Michael Jackson.

HA! Hey, it’s alright. We’re talking about listening to his music, not sleeping over at the Neverland Ranch. Speaking of sleeping over, any place in particular you’d like to visit? Besides my place, I mean.
Australia. That’s where I want to go. I just know my sister is down there. She said that there are nude beaches, which I like. I’d love to go there.

So you like nude beaches, eh?
No, I’ve actually never experienced one, but I’d like to go to one to see how it is.

You know, there’s one in New Jersey…
I don’t think I’ll being visiting THAT one anytime soon. I want to go far, where no one is going to, you know…

Yeah, where no one from high school…
Right, exactly.

Damnit! Now I have to go buy a plane ticket!

Photos and story Originally appeared in LDMagazine.
Photography by Latore Niskey


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