It’s Your Mastectoversary

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”-Frank Zappa

899810870_c8988baff63a3ce1So this morning my husband Julius came in the kitchen and gave me a big hug. I was wondering what was up and he said it’s your anniversary. I realized 5 years ago on this date I had my bilateral mastectomy, so it is my mastectoversary, is that a thing? Well, it is now!

When I think back on what my expectations were it does make me kind of sad. I really thought getting a mastectomy was no big deal. I thought they would cut out the cancer, cut off my breasts and I would get free new awesome ones, a win win! I never imagined the amount of pain I would endure. I never imagined I would still be in pain 5 years later. I never imagined I would have to learn how to live without breasts. I never imagined I would be this strong. I never imagined I would be able to help other women with their breast cancer journeys.

899810438_9eaac3d37a062915I used to think people announcing their cancer anniversaries was silly, but now that I am here I get it. I mean it is a big deal. While I did not spend the last five years worrying about whether or not my cancer would come back, it is pretty amazing that I made it. I am here and I am stronger for all the pain, and all the loss. Part of me wants to cry, part of me wants to sing and dance like no one’s watching. I am not sure what the protocol for celebrating you mastectoversary is but it definitely call for celebration so for now I am going to sing and dance like no one’s watching.